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For members who take their punting seriously and want all the detailed form at their fingertips, also provides several subscription based services that will arm you with the most comprehensive form and data available on the net.

Form Analyser Megaform's premium form service. By subscribing to Form Analyser you use an online interactive facility which allows you to analyse and sort data from Australia's leading form and ratings database. Form Analyser is a must for any serious punter.

Arion Pedigree is the leading independent provider of thoroughbred pedigrees in Australia and New Zealand. Arion Pedigree has covered all racing in the region since 1940, along with extensive information on racing in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia and Korea. Arion’s major clients include - New Zealand Bloodstock Ltd, Magic Millions Sales Pty Ltd and William Inglis & Son Ltd. Now you too, can have the same access to the database and catalogues utilised by Australasia's leading bloodstock companies.

Horse Search is a real-time search facility, providing you with direct access to Mediality's thoroughbred database - Australia's most detailed form database. Horse Search displays comprehensive full career form for any racehorse to have raced in Australia or New Zealand since 1982. Horse Search is a vital tool for media outlets, bloodstock agents, studs, racing stables, owners, jockey managers and punters - anyone who requires detailed individual horse form.

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